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Jan 15, 2016

"Currently prancing around the house to this," admits Adam Wazny with the Winnipeg Free Press, sharing the now-viral sensation The Official Donald Trump Jam, starring "the Freedom Girls" (at nearly 40,000 shares right now). "Like a metaphor for Trump's campaign, this video starts out hilariously bad, then gets disturbing and finally boring," realizes PandoDaily's David Holmes. "This is what a world without David Bowie sounds like. Count me out," concludes The Guardian's Phelim O'Neill. "The off-clapping in this video is so white I'm surprised it doesn't have an Oscar nomination," quips Anthony Breznican at Entertainment Weekly. "If you listen to the 'Official Donald Trump Jam' twice in a row, someone will start building a Walmart around you," jokes Chicago Tribune's Rex W. Huppke. "The latest ISIS recruitment video is one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen," snarks Stuart Braithwaite. "Brits! Watch the Donald Trump Jam and immediately forgive British politicians literally everything ever," invites Gaby Hinsliff, also at The Guardian. And yes, you're right, it does feel like the opening scene from The Interview. "Donald Trump says he'll restore American leadership but the Pyongyang Patriotic Children's Choir would DESTROY this," argues BuzzFeed's Tom Gara. Guardian's Rafael Behr noticed another eerie similarity: "Quasi-fascist tribute techno-pop. It's a genre. Putin version: (ancient btw)."

Still, none of this appears to be stopping Trump from widening his lead in the Republican presidential race.

"Breaking his silence about his trip to Mexico" (a.k.a., doing an interview only days after his piece got ripped apart), Sean Penn talks about his controversial secret interview with Mexican drug lord El Chapo. "Shorter Sean Penn: I f***ed that up, huh?" translates VICE's Matt Taylor. "Despite Huge Traffic, Rookie Journalist Who Wrote for Free and Just Wanted Exposure Says He Feels Like a Failure," Longform's Max Linsky suggests another headline. Also, New York City isn't taking Ted Cruz's comments about their "values" too well: doing what it does best, the New York Daily News fired back with this front page and Mike Lupica there reminded Cruz that "New York City values" are the 9/11 heroes. Simultaneously, the water situation in Flint, Michigan grows ever dire, with the Washington Post pointing out that this is how toxic Flint’s water really is. The water crisis there has reached the point where Michigan's attorney general is opening an investigation into it. "I'm not sure what took him this long," reacts TNR's Jamil Smith. Meanwhile, a French drug trial has gone terribly wrong: "One person brain dead and five critically ill after trial of cannabis-based painkiller in France," shares Guardian's Matt Wells. On the military beat, safety failures at an Army lab reportedly led to egregious anthrax mistakes while two Hawaii aircrafts collided, triggering a search for the collective 12 people aboard.

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