Monday must-reads

"That's a lot of money from a school for doing nothing wrong," observes Clay Travis in response to breaking news that Florida State will pay Jameis Winston's accuser $950,000 to settle the federal Title IX lawsuit she had brought against them (at 4,700+ shares right now). "As part of settlement, FSU will pay Erica Kinsman $950,000 & make 5-yr commitment to training, prevention program," further details that story's author USA Today's Rachel Axon, who also adds, "Noteworthy about $950K settlement is that it's most by a school allegedly indifferent to reported sexual assault." Freelance journalist Staci D. Kramer praises "@RachelAxon does a good job explaining the FSU settlement of Erica Kinsman's #TitleIX lawsuit; more than $."

Politico's Glenn Thrush got in a truly great interview with President Barack Obama on Iowa, 2016, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. "Obama tells @GlennThrush HRC like Ginger Rogers, has to campaign 'backwards on heels' as woman candidate," shares colleague Michael Grunwald. "Obama also sounds not so neutral in this primary," muses NYT's Maggie Haberman. Checking in on the Flint controversy, undocumented immigrants say they’re being denied water because they don't have Social Security numbers. "'Can I have some clean water?' 'What's your social security number?' JFC! Come on, USA," reacts Fusion's Alexis Madrigal. And in newer controversies, Walmart seems to have developed a pattern of it came, it conquered, and now it's packing up and leaving, with ruined mom-and-pop stores in its wake. "Business idea: open a new grocers wherever Walmart pulls out of. Call your chain Walmaren't," suggests Bloomberg's Mark Gilbert.

In other late-breaking news, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled juveniles sentenced to life have option for new reviews. "More than 1,000 juvenile offenders serving life w/o parole in 3 states will be affected by today's #SCOTUS decision," points out BuzzFeed's Mike Hayes. In Canada, the jury returned with a guilty verdict in the murder trial for a constable charged in the shooting death of Sammy Yatim, but there was some confusion about how someone could be charged with "both murdering and attempting to murder the person that he actually killed." And elsewhere in justice, the MU professor who called for "muscle" to oust a student journalist has been charged with 3rd degree assault for actions during campus unrest

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