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Jan 27, 2016

"So that ended predictably bad," tweets A+'s Isaac Saul of the news from rural Oregon that Ammon Bundy and five of his comrades have been arrested, while one was killed (at 23,000+ shocked shares right now). "How the Oregon stand off came to a violent head," declares Ben de Pear at Channel 4 News. "This story out of Oregon is still so mind-boggling. Following @oregonian for all the latest," advises Boston Globe's Nicole Dungca. "It is a shame that anyone was killed in Oregon. Now, it's up to conservatives to not make him a martyr," observes freelance journalist Jill Filipovic. "'Ammon says the sunlight is the best disinfectant.' Can't say I had the Bundys pegged for Brandeis fans, but hey," reacts Wall Street Journal's Ted Mann. And in case you were wondering: "My story on the militia arrests. Here's what Cliven Bundy said when I told [him] what happened," shares Matt Pearce with the LA Times, before continuing: "The latest on Oregon: Bundy supporters claiming LeVoy Finicum was shot with his hands up. No verification yet."

So it turns out the the world’s new favorite tax haven is the United States. "Move over #Switzerland," commands Bloomberg's Zoe Schneeweiss. This just in, as well: former Giants safety Tyler Sash, who was found dead at just 27 from an accidental overdose of pain medications, is now found to have had C.T.E. "Dr. McKee said the severity of CTE in Sash’s brain was about same as level in brain of former NFL star Junior Seau," reports Greg Gardner with the Detroit Free Press. "Remember this story when you watch the Super Bowl," advises NYT's Juliet Macur. Perhaps you've also heard that Sen. Lisa Murkowski noticed something funny about the Capitol post-blizzard: only women turned up to run the Senate. "So THAT'S the answer to the gender everything gap. Snow!" concludes NYT's Tara Bernard. We're also simultaneously mourning the death of 94-year-old Abe Vigoda, actor of ‘Godfather’ fame. "Sad that Tom Hagen couldn't get you off the hook for old time's sake," laments MarketWatch's Rex Crum.

And in politics we keep hearing Donald Trump trumpet his skills as "the dealmaker," but here's how he bungled the deal of a lifetime. "Further evidence that Donald Trump is the world's greatest fisherman," decides Bloomberg's Alex Bruns. He's certainly wielded considerable influence when it comes to Latino voters, because more Hispanic U.S. citizens are coming. "Donald Trump is making latinos become citizens just to vote against him," realizes BuzzFeed's John Stanton. Meanwhile, The Atlantic asks if Bernie Sanders will be the first Jewish president, while Mike Huckabee is the latest to remake Adele's "Hello." Yes, really really.

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