The hardest of headlines

"Clean water for me, not for thee," tweets MLive's Susan J. Demas, accurately and pithily summarizing the disturbing Detroit Free Press scoop that Flint state workers got purified water even as its government denied to public there was a problem with the taps (at 15,000+ scandalized shares right now). "Michigan gave state employees in Flint clean water while taking it away from kids. No excuse possible," Scientific American's Josh Fischman puts it another way. "Sorry, I started seeing red and stopped numbering my tweets," admits MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. "How long did this go on? Who paid? How much? MI officials tell Free Press they're 'looking into these issues'," reacts James Hill with ABC News. "HECKUVA JOB, GOV SNYDER !" chimes in Bloomberg View's Barry Ritholtz. "We take care of our own," quips NBC's Luke Russert.

So who won last night's ratings raceFox News or Donald Trump? "Trump will claim victory, but note: CNN and MSNBC, which showed parts of his speech, only had 1/4 the ratings of Fox," points out CNN's own Brian Stelter. Meanwhile, we invite you to feast your eyes on the untold story of Bernie Sanders, high school track star. "Oh, I also called Bernie’s old high school and was told that they were legally barred from discussing him," reveals WaPo's Philip Bump. Um. Totally normal, right? On the other hand, Eric Garner's daughter just endorsed Sanders because "Black lives like my father's should matter in America."

One example where the press didn't have to fight very hard to get footage of a police shooting: the FBI just released the complete, unedited video of the confrontation with the Oregon militia men (trigger warnings abound). "Again, pretty extraordinary for @FBI to release pursuit/shooting video footage like this," points out NBC's Andrew Blankstein.

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