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Feb 04, 2016

"I am a son of Baltimore," writes #BlackLivesMatter activist DeRay Mckesson, who filed to enter the democratic primary for the 2016 Baltimore mayor’s race only 10 minutes before the deadline late last night (at an impressive 10,000+ shares overnight). "Get ready, Baltimore, for an even more raucous mayor's race, post #FreddieGray," advises Sheryl Gay Stolberg at the New York Times. "Definitely didn't see this coming (this cycle)," admits freelance journalist Staci D. Kramer, although Business Insider's Bryan Logan points out, "People seem shocked @deray is running for mayor in Baltimore, but it’s consistent w/ his message from the start." Washington Post's Wesley Lowery similarly observes Mckesson's last-minute bid to become mayor of Baltimore harmonizes with his previous missions: "sometime in 2014, I asked @deray what his longterm career goal was. His answer then: deputy mayor of Baltimore." And then there's this: "Whichever Democrat wins the April 26 primary will likely be the next mayor of Baltimore," concludes The New Republic's Jamil Smith. And by the way, his vest alone has more followers than you.

Julian Assange claimed he would "accept arrest" on Friday if the United Nations disagreed that he was being illegally detained in London's Ecuadorian embassy, but it looks like none of that will ever be tested because the UN panel ruled in Assange's favor. "Non-binding on Sweden, UK, but a win," concludes Mark Seibel at McClatchy Newspapers. "Does this mean London - and the Ecuadorians - will be freed of Julian Assange soon?" wonders BBC's Jacqui Maher. U.S. President Barack Obama is being pressed to open a military front against ISIS in Libya. "5 years this month, US began debating military action in Libya. Now, per @EricSchmittNYT, WH is debating it again," reports NYT's Mark Landler. Relatedly, the NY Times explores just how serious of a threat ISIS poses to the U.S. "A snapshot of ISIS in America - Movement is much smaller than media coverage would suggest," NYT's Dave Philipps elaborates.

Speaking of foreign affairs, a top China defector reportedly passed state secrets to the U.S. "The Chinese political soap opera never stops!" reacts Li Yuan from the Wall Street Journal. Abroad, an Italian student's body was found outside Cairo. "Body of a missing Italian student had signs of torture and 'slow death,' Egypt prosecutor," details international journalist Jim Clancy. In the U.K., reports of sex attacks on the Subway have tripled in the last 5 years. "Use our interactive tool to search the British Transport Police data and check your commute," encourages BuzzFeed UK's Janine Gibson. And back in the U.S., many Flint residents are desperate to leave, but see no escape. NYT's Michael Barbaro explains, "Their water is poisoned with lead. Now a new Flint crisis: they can't leave. Nobody will buy their homes."

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