Of mice and media

Today's top media story is this Washington Post look Inside Peyton Manning’s secret investigation into that Al Jazeera documentary. "Peyton Manning HGH story is definitely not going away now," realizes Re/code's Peter Kafka. Up next, Sheldon Adelson continues to tighten his grip on his new purchase, the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "Sheldon Adelson has already turned the Review-Journal into his own personal Pravda," decries Slate's Jacob Weisberg. Simultaneously, the New York Times eyes an ambitious overhaul In their never-ending quest for "journalistic dominance" -- actual quote that makes the Grey Lady sound like a ruthless gladiator. Matt Pearce at the LA Times dubs it "N E W S C H A O S."

The Columbia Journalism Review follows how the media is riding Marcomentum into New Hampshire. AP's Stephen Ohlemacher calls it "A smart look at how political campaigns -- and the media -- create the perception of momentum." For once taking on a worthy target, The Daily Mail goes after the pick-up artist at center of international "pro-rape" storm. "Stunned* to learn Mr Pro Rape lives in his mother's basement," reacts BuzzFeed UK's Alan White before adding the asterisk "*not stunned." Paul Cheston departs The Evening Standard after the "absolute pleasure" of being a courts correspondent for 23 years. And because you're probably dying to know, here's what it’s like to be a reporter covering Trump. Wait, correction--what it's like to be a female reporter covering Trump, which somehow manages to prove even worse. "C'mon, this is Trump's way of making friends," jokes Politico's Jack Shafer.

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