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Feb 10, 2016

"This is worse than plagiarism," concludes VICE's Samuel Oakford of Gawker's exposé on at least one instance of transactional journalism brokered between Marc Ambinder (who was with The Atlantic at the time) and Hillary Clinton's team (at nearly 5,000 shares right now). "Gross and terrifying: This is how campaigns operate behind the scenes to get the very WORDING they want in stories," reacts Nigel Duara at the LA Times. That requested wording, by the way, was calling a Clinton speech as "muscular," among other things, in return for faster access to a transcript. "The true tragedy here is that muscular is a really, really terrible adjective," points out Dana Liebelson at the Huffington Post. "This is the kind of journalistic crap that gives legitimate standing to complaints about the 'liberal media,'" argues Jacob Carpenter with Naples Daily News. Still, HuffPo's Michael Calderone found something to forgive: "Journalists rarely own up to transactional dealings with govt sources. Here's @marcambinder ."

In other political news, Vox calls last night's Trump win a terrifying moment in American politics. "This is the harshest thing I've ever written about a major presidential candidate. But it's deserved," insists Ezra Klein there. Meanwhile, here's how a debate misstep took down Marco Rubio in New Hampshire. "Rubio had no idea just how badly he'd done on stage during Saturday's debate -- until he scrolled through Twitter," details NYT's Michael Barbaro. And Michelle Alexander has scathing words for Hillary Clinton, whom she says doesn’t deserve black people’s votes. But "Michelle did not endorse Sanders! Read to end," cautions The Nation's Richard Kim.

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