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Our last question asked: Whole Foods is considering installing what in new, millennial-focused stores? That would be tattoo parlors. Truth.

Congrats to Ken Walker of the Tampa Bay Times for answering that correctly (and adding "Also bearderies, except I just made that last part up")! Honorable mentions go out to these fine folks for getting it right: David Daniel (who jokes "I'm sure the tattooes will be artisanal and gluten-free"), Robin Tierney (who similarly quips "Ink from organic grass-fed squid"), Carrie Gray (whose answer was "In the supermarket. #OhDearGodWhy"),TTho (who similarly suggests "Soy-based ink, I wonder?"), Hal Davis (whose answer was "A vaping station while they get their organic tats"), Tyler Gatlin (who also went after the ink by theorizing the tattoo artists would use "locally sourced free-range ink") and Ron Casalotti (who invoked his own squid response by suggesting "so you can get inked while you buy your squid-ink pasta"). Shout outs to Mark Gibbs (for guessing "Offering 'value-priced' products to target millennials. So, what they've been selling wasn't 'value-priced.' Who knew?") Søren Dal Rasmussen (for guessing "A separate basement for those who are tired of their parents' place" and pointed out that he's a millennial, so he's allowed to make that jab), and Margo Howard (whose guess was "Depends." Sorry, we said "millennials," not "Baby Boomers!").

As for today's question, here it is: On Thursday, scientists confirmed long-anticipated rumors that they had finally detected gravitational waves. But despite an embargo placed on the information until an appointed time, that news was broken early because a picture of what was mistakenly shared?

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