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Our last question asked: In an effort to reverse its "rambunctious culture," Zenefits has told its employees not to do what? Well, a few different things, but the one that stuck out the most to the Wall Street Journal was no sex in the stairwells.

Congratulations to Ken Walker of the Tampa Bay Times (who punctuated his response with this gif) for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to Alex Brant-Zawadzki (who suggests "Keep it in the elevators, people. That's the Secret to MY Success"), Craig PittmanCraig Pittman (who similarly suggests "keep it to the mailroom or conference rooms"), Eugene HuntJayna Wallace (who wonders "What the hell is going on over there"), Maureen MacGregor (who asks "Are they taking resumes?"), Editor Mark Allen (who re-bills the activity as "one-on-one exercise and morale-boosting sessions with fellow employees"), Dan RosenbaumCarrie Gray, Brian Hyland (who adds "but at least they have great customer service. Oh wait..."), Jade WalkerJohn Wall (who comments "So, less Zen and more Plato's Retreat"), Tyler Gatlin (who adds "Don Draper would be so disappointed"), Lucia A. Walinchus (who remarks "Wow I always thought insurance was boring. I stand corrected"), Ron Casalotti (who quips "Well, there goes the concept of 'Friends with Zenefits'"), Martin BerlinerShawn L. AndersonEve Byron (who wonders "what about at your desk?"), Becky YerakKen Inchausti (who jokes "Brings new meaning to moving up and down the corp ladder???"), Judyth MermelsteinRobin Soslow (who theorizes "Maybe the employee lounge needs comfy couches?"), Hal Davis (who calls them "A messy bunch, apparently") and Margo Howard for all getting that right, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: What is the Washington Post calling the "height of laziness" with respect to millennial tastes?

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