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"POTUS turned BLOTUS on SCOTUS," quips The Hill's Peter Schroeder in response to SCOTUSblog's newest guest post, "A Responsibility I Take Seriously" (at 500 shares and climbing), which was penned by -- you guessed it -- President Barack Obama. Obama writes he will nominate someone who has "A sterling record," "A deep respect for the judiciary’s role," but also "An understanding of the way the world really works." "The President of the United States just wrote a post on @SCOTUSblog. That's a great get for a wonderful site," remarks Mike Vorkunov at the New Jersey Star-Ledger. "Ugh. Another blogger weighs in on the SCOTUS debate," jokes Dashiell Bennett at Bloomberg News. "Remember when @SCOTUSblog was denied press credentials?" pointedly asks FiveThirtyEight's Andrew Flowers.

Even so, Senate Republican leaders are doubling down on their refusal to meet with an Obama Supreme Court nominee as Mitch McConnell renews his call to block any nominations. "'Shunning' sounds like a punishment in some remote village. Will the nominee have to sleep in the woods?" wonders Yahoo's Matt Bai. "So is Congress basically in rebellion right now?" asks Fast Company's Jessica Leber. "Obama should call the GOP's bluff and nominate a super-conservative judge to the Supreme Court," suggests TechTarget's Colin Steele. "It's hilarious that Mitch McConnell wants us to believe Obama not nominating someone would embolden his legacy," points out Jamil Smith at MTV News. Meanwhile, a Texas sheriff's department just released the report on Justice Scalia’s death. "Why the pillow case was over Scalia's head—and no, it didn't inhibit his breathing, sheriff's report says," details PRI's David Beard.

Still very much on the politics beat: new poll data measured Trump supporters for their intolerance. Brace yourself: one in three believed Japanese internment was a good idea, one in three would like to ban gays from entering the U.S., and nearly 20 percent disagreed with freeing slaves after the Civil War. "YES, DISAGREE WITH FREEING SLAVES," tweet-screams freelancer Jill Filipovic. But Republican mega-donors have shied away from a Donald Trump fight. "What if Trump is the campaign finance reform so many have been waiting for?" FiveThirtyEight's Chadwick Matlin looks at it another way. And although Trump has deep roots in New York, he seems to have little influence there. "While Mr. Trump gives the impression that he’s a big power broker in New York, our reporting shows otherwise," shares NYT's Mythili Sampathkumar.

Other things you should know: Boston Dynamics just unveiled footage of the next generation of their bipedal Atlas robot. "I've seen movies. Doesn't @BostonDynamics realize this video will be used as propaganda for Robots Against Humanity?" demands film critic Ryan Painter at KUTV-2. "This is going to be the first guy to die in the @BostonDynamics robot uprising," predicts Randy Olson. In more recycled takes, Gizmodo warns that this robot is going to steal your job, for starters. "Remember when the raptors learn how to open doors in Jurassic Park?" Matt Novak reminds us. And because the Oscars are coming up, you really should read up on what it’s like* to work in Hollywood (*If you’re not a straight white man). At least it should be fun for Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron, for whom the Oscars are pretty personal this year -- given that he's depicted in one of the films.

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