Ledes you won't believe

"So apparently Scalia's final hours were ripped from the missing chapter of 'The Da Vinci Code'," concludes Will Bunch with the Philadelphia Daily News after learning that the recently passed Justice Antonin Scalia spent his last hours with members of this secretive society of elite hunters (reaching thousands of incredulous shares right now). "'Elite hunters' seems a bit much, how about 'rich gun owners'," suggests The New Yorker's Silvia Killingsworth, who was clearly not impressed. Most people had a very different reaction, however: "What kind of Eyes Wide Shut s#it is this right here?" demands Anil Dash. "Was the Archduke of Austria an eyewitness to Scalia's death? What else is the secret society hiding?" wonders Washington Post's Craig Whitlock. "Scalia was in Marfa on a hunting trip with the International Order of St. Hubertus. So the Illuminati did it," resolves CityLab's Kriston Capps. Still others were just plain hung up on the hunting angle. "Honoring God by Honoring His Creatures ... By shooting them," snarks Courier-Journal's Joseph Gerth. Members of this worldwide, male-only society wear dark-green robes embroidered with a large cross, prompting Kate Bennett with the Independent Journal to tweet, "also men and their secret societies. ladies amirite?"

And if that doesn't surprise you, how about this other scoop by the Washington Post (where they're clearly on a roll today!): Republican Nevada governor Brian Sandoval is being vetted (by Harry Reid, for one!) for Scalia's Supreme Court vacancy. "This is 1) politically shrewd and 2) a testament to who runs the Democratic Party," points out NYT's Ross Douthat. "It's almost like the GOP hasn't fully thought through its bull-headed refusal to consider any SCOTUS nominee," muses Robert Wright at the Financial Times. Interestingly, Sandoval is pro-abortion, pro-environment but called Obamacare "unconstitutional." "Liberals: The Obama Administration would like to inquire, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much this freaks you out," tweets The Daily Dot's Aaron Sankin. "Hard to imagine Senate GOP doing a 180 just because Obama nominates Sandoval, especially since he's pro-choice," observes National Journal's Ben Pershing. Meanwhile, a New York Times opinion piece assails Republicans for losing their minds over a Supreme Court seat.

Turning once more to the Apple/FBI squabble, the tech giant is rumored to be working on an iPhone it can't event hack. "Apple is reportedly developing security measures to make it harder for gov't to break into iPhones. Shots fired," Mashable's Megan Hess elaborates. Also, freelance journalist Steven Petrow got hacked mid-air while writing an Apple-FBI story. "Learn from my bad," Petrow tweets. 

There's a lot of Trump trending, too, but you already knew that. Trump’s negatives among Hispanics is on the rise, becoming the worst in the GOP field. Trump said a lot of gross things about women on "Howard Stern" (surprise, right?). Trump hired a mostly foreign work force for his Florida club. Looking too closely at his global deals reveals many trouble spots. Also, Trump regularly punts puppies and kicks kittens -- kidding, we can't verify that. But Matt Taibbi does argue it's America that's made the Donald unstoppable. "Flaw in the American Death Star: It doesn't know how to turn the cameras off, even when it's filming its own demise," explains WaPo's Ben Terris.

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