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"Happy 2/26, remember how fun the Internet used to be," asks BuzzFeed's Ben Smith, reminding us that how two llamas and a modestly priced dress gave us the Internet's Greatest Day exactly one year ago today (at only a few hundred shares right now but sure to grow with time). "WERE WE EVER SO YOUNG," wonders Shani Hilton, also at BuzzFeed. "Simply put: We lost our s#it, and we lost it together twice in the same day," writes colleague Charlie Warzel, the author of that 7,000-word oral history, who later adds, "it's gonna be super exciting when president trump gives us all a day off from school/work for next 2/26." Um, sure? "Only Buzzfeed would do an oral history of something that never would have happened had they not written about it," snarks Alex Weprin at Capital New York. Okay, but if anyone else is feeling nostalgic, a pony dressed as a unicorn led California Highway Patrol on a wild chase last night, so the world can still be magical if we look around enough.

Sen. Marco Rubio put up a good fight at last night’s Republican debate, tag teaming with Sen. Ted Cruz to go after frontrunner Donald Trump, but is it too late? Super Tuesday is just days away and the GOP’s Frankenstein monster leads Rubio even in Florida -- and that's not even the craziest thing that last poll revealed. "Ten percent of Floridians said they believe Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer," realizes The Guardian's Scott Bixby. Yet another poll (this time by Bloomberg) finds that Donald Trump is more popular than the pope in the Bible Belt, showing "remarkable strength for a twice-divorced New Yorker" in such conservative states. The New York Times offers an impressive look at the cold hard math of a Trump win with an interactive delegate calculator that lets you run multiple Republican scenarios. "I no longer have a face, because it melted," reacts NYT's Jeremy Bowers. Still, former Mexico president Vicente Fox is adamant that he won't "pay for that f*cking wall." Check out the Fox Business anchor's poor face. Meanwhile, Trump tweeted some things that kind of look like English, and a dictionary's Twitter account got saucy about it.

And while all that is happening, the NY Times editorial board quietly pesters Hillary Clinton to show voters those transcripts already.

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