Talk of this Super Tuesday

"It's Super Tuesday! But WTF does that mean? Brilliant explainer by @hcjewell [and] @flashboy for non-Americans," praises BuzzFeed's Stuart Millar, sharing colleagues Hannah Jewell and Tom Phillips' illuminative collaborative effort on what the hell is even happening today. Fellow journalist Tom Chivers calls it  "by 10,000%, the clearest, funniest and best Super Tuesday explainer you will read," and we have to agree -- especially once you look at Ted Cruz's candidate summary paragraph and realize those aren't arbitrarily underlined and emboldened letters. Enjoy while you can, because it looks increasingly inevitable that Donald Trump will solidify his place today as the GOP frontrunner after 11 states hold their primaries, while Hillary Clinton also boasts a big lead in at least six of those states thanks to large blocs of black voters, who so far appear not as drawn to her opponent Bernie Sanders. But a new CNN/ORC poll shows that either of the remaining Democratic presidential candidates could win over Trump in hypothetical general election match-ups. You can watch all the Super Duper Tuesday madness unfold live here as voting takes place across America!

Then there was that time video footage showed a Secret Service agent putting a war photographer in a choke hold and then body-slammed him at a Trump rally. "Oh my God. Secret Service agent tried to rip the photographer's head off," reacts Mashable's Brian Ries. Here's a response from TIME. Later that day at a different Trump rally (in Georgia), about 30 black students who had been standing silently in the bleachers were removed by security before the event began. "Removed for standing while a Trump rally. Just when you think we've hit bottom, we haven't," laments WNYC's Brooke Gladstone. It was enough to make the New Hampshire Union-Leader admit they really shouldn't have endorsed Chris Christie, after all: "Watching Christie kiss the Donald’s ring this weekend — and make excuses for the man Christie himself had said was unfit for the presidency — demonstrated how wrong we were." So now the Clintons are forced to grapple with answering a question they probably thought would never be uttered: how to defeat Trump in a general election? "And y'all thought #2016 was already ugly?" asks Emily Cadei at OZY Magazine. "Clintons rightly recognize to beat Trump you would have to take him deadly seriously unlike GOP he has savaged," points out The New Yorker's Philip Gourevitch.

Perhaps they could begin by consulting the rumored recording where Trump secretly told the New York Times what he really thinks about immigration. "It's pretty unusual to record an off-the-record conversation, no? I generally don't do that," observes American Spectator's John Tabin. Okay, yeah, that's fairly weird, Times.

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