Not another rally mishap

"The state of our union is ... ugly," concludes National Journal's Tim Alberta after watching a black protester get sucker-punched by a Trump supporter at a rally in North Carolina (at about 15,000+ shares right now). "Far right National Front rallies in France are not even like this!" reacts journalist Emma-Kate Symons. "Seriously America, what the H is happening?" demands Ted Perry from WITI 6 in Milwaukee. "It's clearly open season on anyone who doesn't pay obeisance to King Trump at his rallies," observes Charles Aaron at MTV News. "Party of Lincoln is becoming the Party of Trump," The Nation's John Nichols puts it another way. Meanwhile, Saladin Ahmed offers a "salute to the protestor and documentarian. remarkable bravery putting themselves in this environment as Black men." At least the punch viewed 'round the world sparked a police probe and a man has been charged with assault.

And this happened right on the heels of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields being man-handled by Trump's campaign manager. Here she is in her own words: "I hope this article answers [your] questions and I can get back to reporting the news, not being a part of it." "Incredible story of Breitbart reporter being manhandled by Trump aides whose excuse is they mistook her for MSM!" notes Jay Rosen. Andy Levy snarks, "my bad, i thought it was one of those journalists it’s OKAY to manhandle”  Even Hot Air's Michelle Malkin was taken aback: "WTF: @michellefields assaulted by Trump CM for asking Trump about affirmative action views?! Chilling & insane." Strangely, Breitbart itself seems to have rolled over on the whole issue. "TrumpBart more concerned with not offending Trump than defending its own reporter," decides Below the Beltway's Doug Mataconis.

We wish we could say the trending Trump stories end there, but they don't. Parents are wondering how they should talk to their children about him. His modeling agency broke immigration laws, according to some law experts. The donating class appears resigned to a Trump nomination, as he continues to make inroads with mega-donors. Still, inside Trump’s inner circle, his staffers are willing to fight for him. Literally

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