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Our last question asked: What amazing correction did Wired have to put out on an article yesterday? Because of a "haphazardly-installed Chrome extension" during the editing process, the article in question was first published with the name "Donald Trump" automatically (and mistakenly!) replaced every where with the phrase “Someone With Tiny Hands.” 

Congratulations to banking reporter Laura Alix of Banker & Tradesman for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions also go out to these fine folks for also getting it right: Sarah-Ann Soffer (who suggests "Maybe they meant to say 'hold me closer, tiny haaaands'"), Anna ReitmanGeraldine HerbertMark Gibbs (who asks and answers his own question, "How'd it get through copy editing? Oh, yeah, we don't do that any more"), Dan Rosenbaum (whose answer was "turned every mention of 'someone with tiny hands' to 'someone with tiny hands'" ... oh, we see what you did there), Kelly Phillips Erb (who calls the mistake "hands down, best of the day"), Mike Rostabare (who jokingly answers "Inadvertently replacing 'Trump' with 'Someone With Tiny Genitalia' -- OMG now Twitter is inadvertently doing it too!"), Ron Casalotti (who alternatively suggests "replace with small eggplant emoji"), Ken WalkerEve Byron (who admits she "Spewed my coffee at that one"), Rachel RohMartin Berliner (who adds "and we all know what THAT means!") and Robin Soslow (who suggests it was instead "a damnable autocorrect of 'titanic.'"

As for today's question, here it is: The press audience invited to the big reveal by private spaceflight venture Blue Origin appeared to be suffering from a dearth of what (or should we say, whom)?

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