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Mar 24, 2016

The NFL acronym ought to stand for "Notorious Flaming Liars," suggests National Journal's Ron Fournier, in the aftermath of the trending New York Times exposé on the league's deeply flawed concussion research and ties to Big Tobacco (at 2,300+ shares right now). In other words, the NFL "used flawed studies w missing data, and consulted tobacco lawyers, to deny links betw football and concussions," Sasha Chavkin at the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists lays it all out for us. Specifically, the league omitted more than 100 diagnosed concussions from their "research," including infamously bad injuries to such major players as Steve Young and Troy Aikman. "Not surprised, but still blown away," admits Bob Tedeschi at STAT News. "To me, pieces like this suggest that the NFL won’t exist in 30-40 years," concludes Sarah Grieco with the Columbia Journalism Review. At the Wall Street JournalChristopher Mims muses, "funny how big institutions lie when confronted with an existential threat."

In other investigations, the founder of the now-defunct mercenary firm Blackwater is under investigation for money laundering and brokering mercenary services, to name a couple. "He was America's top mercenary. Now intel says he's cozy with China. Total blockbuster," praises The Intercept's Ryan Tate. Bloomberg News takes a peek at Wall Street's 0.01% with an inside look at Citi's secret client list. So "if you don't like fascinating stories about wealth/power/secrets then definitely don't read this," shrugs Danielle Burger there. Abroad, the Associated Press reports ISIS is training as many as 400 fighters to attack Europe "in wave of bloodshed." Erika Kinetz there calls her news service's analysis "Scary, very well reported." And the world mourns Dutch football legend Johan Cruyff, who has died at just 68. "Really sad news. A football icon and one of the pioneers of 'total football'," reacts Andrew Davies at Australian Broadcasting Corporation News.

Turning to the daily Trump beat, Slate's Franklin Foer suggests misogyny is the one position Trump hasn't changed. Foer tweets, "I wrote about Trump's misogyny. The material is endless, stomach churning and essential to understanding him." Justin Miller with the Daily Beast adds after reading, "There's not one superfluous sentence" in that article. On that note, Trump's investments have lost a lot of money in the past 15 months, but the billionaire remains unfazed. "In which @ldelevingne speaks to Donald Trump about his crappy hedge fund investments but money badger don't care," observes Lauren Tara LaCapra with Reuters. On the plus side, Newt Gingrich manages to find some Ronald Reagan in Trump. "Looking forward to the Newt Gingrich vs. Julian Castro veep debate this fall," wryly predicts WaPo's Carlos Lozada. And although a Bloomberg poll shows Republicans aren't sold on any plan to stop Trump, data points to John Kasich as the only remaining GOP nominee to match up well against Hillary Clinton in a general election test. "More fodder for my 'Trump is extremely unpopular' file," declares Slate's Jamelle Bouie.

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