Got my mind on my media and my media on my mind

In a move that's sure to make you go "Is this really what the world has come to," NPR News just implemented  "Trump Training" in order to deal with threats. "NPR offering its politics reporters hostile-environment training for covering war zones, terrorism &...Trump rallies," summarizes Seema Yasmin with the Dallas Morning News. Journalist David Simon had a different take: "Sheet. There are reporters posted overseas in actual danger. Shit, you're not even in Baltimore. Just do the job."

Elsewhere in media, Fortune profiles how mogul Jeff Bezos became a power beyond Amazon. "Bezos suggested a feature to let Washington Post readers pay to remove vowels from stories," points out Nieman Lab's Joseph Lichterman. muses, "bezos is still clearly sorta proud of his 'disemvoweling' idea." At MashableSeth Fiegerman declares, "Journalism is saved." Then the next order of business is journalism diversity, because a new survey reveals British journalism is 94% white and 55% male, according to The Guardian. Writer Sunny Hundal wonders, "Does the Guardian itself reflect the racial and religious diversity of Britain? Statement suggests it doesn't."

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