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"Even more amazing that Obama pulled this off while dancing in Argentina," muses LinkedIn senior editor John Abell in the wake of breaking news that ISIS's second-in-command has been killed in a raid (nearing 4,000 shares already). Considered the finance minister who oversaw all the funding for ISIS' operations, Haji Imam reportedly was killed in Syria this morning. Elsewhere in breaking news, authorities say three people have been detained during a police operation in Brussels, two American residents have been identified among the 31 victims who died in the recent terror attacks there, and a man just arrested this week by French police has been linked by Belgian police to the alleged ringleader of November's Paris attacks. So, yeah. Breaking news gotta break! While you're waiting for those updates to sink in, read how ISIS plans to export anarchy to Europe. "The #ISIS plot to sow chaos in Europe, in hopes it will crumble. #BrusselsAttacks #ParisAttacks and then what?" wonders Lori Hinnant with the Associated Press.

This morning folks are mourning Garry Sandling, the host of the beloved "Larry Sanders Show" who has died in a Los Angeles hospital at 66 apparently of a massive heart attack. His "influence on contemporary standup and even more on TV comedy can't be overstated. He was a giant," praises David Wiegand with Sandling truly was the comedian's comedian's comedian.

In politics, Donald Trump can’t stop saying nasty things about women, and it could cost him. "Can you still win a Presidential election in America with just the old angry white vote? Asking for a friend," quips Enrique Acevedo at Univision. Here, too, is the the curious case of the woman he "interviewed" for a job this week. "The woman Trump brought up for a job interview Monday has found herself a part of the news many, many times before," notes Washington Post's Aaron Blake. Perhaps it's helping Ted Cruz, who finds himself gaining in Louisiana even despite a loss there to Trump. So how does that work, exactly? Smart reporting by @reidepstein on Cruz campaign superior game at the arcane game of picking convention delegates," explains Norah O'Donnell at CBS This Morning. So that in turn has prompted Trump aids to plot a "two-phase" strategy in case they need to win a contested convention. Plus, John Kasich’s old colleagues don’t recognize that new soft and cuddly candidate. "Voter to John Kasich: 'I worry that you're just so nice.' His colleagues don't share that concern," summarizes Thomas Kaplan at the New York Times, but MSNBC's Joe Scarborough protests, "I worked with @JohnKasich for years, often in an opposing position. He was always a positive force. I love the guy." On the outs: Hillary Clinton and West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, who is apopleptic over Hillary’s "horrific" pledge to put coal miners (like the ones in Manchin's state) out of a job. "Manchin so livid over Hillary's coal remarks, he called her up and said, 'My God,'" details Politico's Seung Min Kim. Shall we pre-emptively place that state in Trump's win column, come the General Election?

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