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Mar 29, 2016

"Apple won, the FBI won, and everyone lost?" suggests Vanity Fair's Kia Makarechi after the government declared the San Bernardino attacker's iPhone successfully hacked, and without Apple's help -- so that ends the lawsuit but also avoids setting any legal precedent for future cases (at 13,000+ shares so far). "Journalists: please remember that government argued for months that this was impossible, despite expert consensus," whistleblower Edward Snowden weighs in. "Indeed, a most humorous denouement," concludes Neil King with the Wall Street Journal. But is it a laughing matter? At MIT Technology ReviewNanette Byrnes sees it differently: "Apple ends up losing big on this w/ phones now clearly vulnerable." Moreover, the government didn't say whether any information about the hacking method would be relayed to Apple at all. "Feds unlocked the damn phone. Mystery is: how? My bet is on the Israelis," shares Simone Weichselbaum at The Marshall Project. "FBI vs Apple ends for now, but they can see into your phone," points out Jen Dudley-Nicholson at The Courier-Mail

In other news recently broken, Donald Trump's campaign manager has been charged with misdemeanor battery on Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. "Meanwhile, police have released surveillance video clearly showing Lewandowski grabbing @MichelleFields's arm," observes Lachlan Markay at the Washington Free Beacon. And just as we suspected might happen, a short-staffed Supreme Court just deadlocked in one of its highest-profile cases and issued a 4-4 ruling that will allow mandatory union fees to continue. "Scalia's death just saved unions from a massive defeat," notes Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur. And yesterday, Capitol Police had to order folks to shelter in place after a man brandished a weapon and was shot and arrested. "Every time I walk through the metal detectors of Sherrod's office building in Washington, I thank the Capitol police for keeping everyone safe. An incredible team of professionals," shares columnist Connie Schultz, who is married to Ohio senator Sherrod Brown. And in more news that ended well for once, a hijacked EgyptAir flight landed in Cyprus with all hostages reportedly recovered and the hijacker taken into custody.

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