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Our last question asked: Jezebel promises that we should care that a certain 20-something actress allegedly is engaged to which considerably older comedian? That would be Jon Lovitz. And now we have this song stuck in our heads.

Congratulations to Sara Jacobson at Edelman PR for being the very first to get that right (and adding that it's "May-December at its finest")! Honorable mentions go out to the perfect people for also answering correctly: Dan Rosenbaum (who quips "Yeah, that's the ticket"), Elisha Fieldstadt (who shares this Instagrammed proverb used by the actress to explain their confusing pairing), John D'Anna (who quips "My wife, Morgan Fairchild, who I've...oh wait, it's Jon Lovitz"), Craig PittmanLucia A. Walinchus (who reacts, "Really?! he is so much older. Eeek"), Carrie GrayKathleen Dutro Adams (who admits "Not proud I know this"), Holly EvartsCharlotte LoBuono (who "loved him in A League of Their Own and The Wedding Singer!"), Mark GibbsDebkrol (who wonders "Child, do you REALLY want those hands touching you? You don't know where they've been"), Ken Walker (who shares a post that indicates this may actually be just an elaborate stunt but also jokes "Either way, so sad to hear he's split from his wife … MORGAN FAIRCHILD!"), Ron Casalotti (who adds no comment except to remind us of Lovitz's famous line from an Ellen sitcom: "Tartlets...Tartlets"), Martin BerlinerMargo Howard and Robin Tierney (who wants to know "why does headline suggests man chasing younger woman is news?").

As for today's question, here it is: An open letter to Trump voters from a supposed top strategist-turned-defector compares the billionaire to which American Idol contestant?

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