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Turner is leading a new $15 million investment round in Mashable. "We're excited to announce a partnership with TBS and TNT to expand Mashable's content to television!!" CEO Pete Cashmore tweets. "This is one hell of a strategic investment. Distribution and discovery benefits likely to far outweigh the dollars," chimes in Brian Ries there. And then there was this thing that went viral yesterday and today, and we're not sure we can aptly explain to you what it is. "A lesson to budding #fashion writers: sometimes sh*t happens. This is an example of how NOT to handle it," advises The National's Ashley Lane. "I’ve officially lost the ability to tell what is real and what is parody," concludes Washington Free Beacon's Sonny Bunch. The author also has an insane Twitterfeed for your perusal. Also, today journalists are mourning entertainer Ronnie Corbett, best known for "the two Ronnies," who has died at 85. "Sad news about Ronnie Corbett. So many great clips to post, but I like this one," reflects NYT's Hannah Olivennes.  

Also, here is the full response from the Associated Press to yesterday's allegations that the news service collaborated with Nazis during World War II. From the statement: "The AP did not engage in direct publication and until Ms. Scharnberg’s research had no knowledge of any accusation that material may have been directly produced and selected by Nazi propaganda ministries. If it had been, we believe that the captions and photo credits would have made that clear. It is important to note that after Dec. 11, 1941, when Germany declared war on the United States and expelled all foreign news organizations, AP lost control over its subsidiary and therefore the use of its photos. It was left to the former German staff, who stayed on at great risk, to protect the physical archive from outright seizure by the Nazi regime."

While it's still cool, follow everyone's new favorite anonymous Twitter sensation "Guy at your J-School," who regularly serves up relateable gems like, "My Mom says that as a baby my first words were a mesmerizing anecdotal lede about the remarkable journey of life I was about to embark on" and "Never doubt ability to make a story about the story-teller. Think it’s about patriarchy in West Angola? Nah, it’s really about my journey." Oh, and "As I walk out I assume there is a standing ovation from my editors behind me. I can’t hear, I am already gone. Gone searching for truth." Wait, we also loved "Filling in my tax returns, there wasn't enough room under 'Occupation' for 'Investigating the human condition'. Shame." Just ... go check out the tweets for yourself.

Oh, and CJR is hiring a digital media editor and a web editor, so if you're in the market for a new gig, you should get on that!

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