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Our last question asked: A Missouri state "hero" lawmaker is using a resolution to get colleagues to stop making what mistake? That would be saying "physical" when they totally mean "fiscal." Now that's commitment.

Congratulations to Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times for being the very first to get that right! Honorable mentions go out to these terrific tweeters for also answering correctly: Carrie Gray (who admits via hashtag #ThatWouldGetMeMadToo), Maureen MacGregor (who asks "isn't there already a law about that?"), David Daniel (who adds "Just so there's still 'a bathroom on the right'), Debkrol (who demands "why use 2 syllables when 3 sound better, y'all?"), Claudine Laforce (who couldn't resist another Olivia Newton-John reference with "let's get physical, phys-i-cal"), Charlotte LoBuonoMark Gibbs (who punctuates his answer with #wordnazi and #myhero), Ron Casalotti and Temple Williams (who adds "Thanks for including a link to the physical copy of House Resolution No. 1220" ... oh, we see what you did there).

As for today's question, here it is: In honor of today's date, what prank did Gmail just have to scramble to undo after disgruntled users vociferously complained?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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