Musings from a Monday

"File this one under 'Incredibly Unsurprising,'" suggests Lisa Guerrero of CBS News, sharing that what's missing from Trump’s list of charitable giving is his own personal cash (a revelation shared 5,500+ times so far). It's true: of 4,844 listed donations the Trump campaign claims he made, not one was a personal gift of his own money. "As someone who used to cover nonprofits, I've always been fascinated by what counts as charitable giving," admits CNN's Eugene Scott. For example, Trump reportedly gave Serena Williams "a free ride ... on his plane & a free framed photo of herself" and declared that "charity." At VICEDavid Roth shrugs, "I enjoyed this. I knew Trump would be tacky and cheap, but the details were good." "Trump is as generous as Mr. Burns," concludes Carol Pogash. And also, who (or what) the heck is "BRIAN?!"We have to go with Texas Monthly's Erica Grieder on this one: "Good morning, America. With all due respect to aerosolized Ebola I'm now thinking we're all gonna die of pathos."

While we're on the topic of diseases, the CDC is sounding a warning on the Zika virus, calling it "scarier than we initially thought." "BREAKING: Zika virus carrying mosquitos have now been found in 30 US States. And the CDC says there are even MORE," shares Steve Eagar at KDFW. In other top news, Wall Street wages have doubled over the past 25 years while everyone else's languished."White line: Wall Street. Blue line: Everyone else. May be one item Bernie and Trump agree on," observes Jennifer Surane. And the New York Times points out that DeRay Mckesson won't be elected mayor of Baltimore. So why is he running?

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