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Apr 2, 2016

Monday's top media beat offerings have struck a decidedly morose tone. First up, NY Times highlights the plight of media websites battling faltering ad revenue and traffic. While Google and Facebook hog 85 cents of every new online ad dollar so far for 2016, old media publishers are forced to wrestle for what remains. "Have another click, twitter, you slag," snarks Chicago Tribune's Kim Janssen. "Happy Pulitzer Day!" quips Alec MacGillis at ProPublica. Also for the Times,  Jim Rutenberg opines on that fact that it's bend or bust for news organizations squeezed from the middle. "Of watermelons, callipygian corgis & a digitizing print media developing a new ratings addiction, my latest Mediator," Rutenberg explains. Simultaneously, The Guardian demonstrates exactly how newsroom pressure is letting fake stories get on the web. Although Jeremy Barr with Advertising Age makes a good argument: "Writing these stories over and over because they are shared widely by journalism doomsayers is a form of clickbait."

In tech, Silicon Valley is mourning “Coach” Bill Campbell, renowned for counseling innumerable tech magnates from Apple's Steve Jobs to Amazon's Jeff Bezos. "Rest in peace, Mr. Campbell. As a sports fan from Seattle, you humanized Silicon Valley for me. Thanks for the beer," reminisces Chris McCoy at WMGQ-FM. Also in tech, Sam Biddle divulges via headline, "I Have No Idea What This Startup Does and Nobody Will Tell Me," about which Biddle tweets, "guy anonymously fwded me this insane pitch deck and I’ve spent the past week in vain trying to figure out what it is." But on the bright side, ABC Houston reporter Steve Campion straight-up rescued a man trapped in high water on live TV. "From one reporter-who-rescues-people-on-camera to another... kudos to @SteveABC13," praises Brett Ruskin from CBC Nova Scotia

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