About those Pulitzers

In addition to the fact that, yes, the Washington Post did earn a Pulitzer on police shootings coverage and, equally unsurprisingly, the musical ‘Hamilton’ was honored for drama, the Tampa Bay Times won for local and investigative reporting and the New York Times shared a Pulitzer Prize with Thomson Reuters for photography coverage of the refugee crisis. In political cartoons, Sacramento Bee's own Jack Ohman took home the award and The New Yorker earned not one but three Pulitzers. Relatedly, we invite you take a closer look at how four Associated Press got the award-winning "Seafood from Slaves" narrative, which allowed one Myanmar fisherman to finally go home after 22 years enslaved. But one award-winning newsroom where there was no champagne or celebration was the small Florida newspaper the Charlotte Sun, where the founder had died just days before its first Pulitzer win: "This was his dream, and he wasn't here to see it, so it's pretty tough on us all," one staffer is quoted.

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