Final reads for Friday

It may be Day 2 for the breaking news cycle on the passing of Prince, but the takes show no sign of abating. "Even NASA digs Prince," remarks NY1's Roger Clark, referring to the NASA tweet that they'd observed "A purple nebula, in honor of Prince, who passed away today" (now at 21,000+ completely warranted and frankly necessary shares). For the Wall Street JournalEben Shapiro reflects on "My classmate Prince, the rock star." The New Yorker quickly ditched its regularly scheduled plan to devote its cover story to "Purple Rain." Both the cast of The Color Purple and the cast of Hamilton paid tribute to him. Signaling the beginning of the offshoot of tangentially related reflections, though, the Washington Post wonders, "TMZ was first - again. Will their word alone ever be good enough for traditional media?" But Gawker was one step ahead of them with a Prince Thinkpiece Generator. Of course, The Onion shut everything down with the perfect headline: Nation Too Sad To F**k Even Though It’s What Prince Would Have WantedDNAInfo's John Ness calls it "The right and proper end to every news cycle."

In news that actually broke today, Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe just restored voting rights to felons, which means about 200,000 more people will now have the right to vote, come November. "Wow, McAuliffe restores voting rights for 180K-210K felons in VA. That's equivalent to 5 percent of 2012 electorate," pointedly observes ProPublica's Alec MacGillis. Even more pointedly, Charles Johnson at the Chicago Tribune tweets that McAuliffe is "a top Clinton fund raiser and close friend." Meanwhile, in New York, ProPublica reveals how police are running stings against immigrant-owned shops, then pushing for warrantless searchesAlex Campbell with BuzzFeed calls it "Another excellent installment in important series on how NYPD uses nuisance laws to sidestep warrants." 

But wait, let's go back to that Clinton remark. Now might be a good time to tell you that a poll shows Hillary Clinton ahead in Indiana--along with Donald Trump. "Would be just deadly for #nevertrump ... Still under 40 percent though. 37-31-22. Cruz in 2nd," tweets Harry Enten at FiveThirtyEight. And on that note, Trump's fundraiser for wounded veterans has yet to distribute most of the $6 million three months after the fact, but that doesn't seem to be his vet chair's problem."Remember when we were all awful for being skeptical about Trump's fundraiser for veterans?" asks National Review's Jim Geraghty. And everyone's favorite agitator Sam Biddle offers up this bit of satirical headline genius: OBAMA GROVELS BEFORE BATH-TIME BOY MONARCH. "Sam is a patriot," declares Gawker EIC Alex Pareene.

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