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The Guardian caused a stir this morning with the feat of digital elegance that is its virtual experience of solitary confinement. "I was an early tester (and critic) of VR journalism. The value for me is in driving empathy — like this project does," concedes Alice Speri with VICE. And speaking of VICE, they've got a powerful "get" of their own, in the form of battle footage taken from the headcam of a dead Islamic State fighter that shows what it's really like to fight for ISIS. "I've seen few things as unsettling as this suicide bomber saying goodbye to his mates. Utterly futile," remarks Hamish Macdonald at ABC News, later adding "No surprise ISIS fights chaotic battles. How/why they can capture so much territory is the important question."

In media acquisitions, Tribune Publishing Co.'s new chairman somehow missed Gannett's email offering $12.25/shr for the company. "When Tribune's chairman picked up the phone April 12, he wasn't sure what Gannett's CEO was talking about," explains Sarah Rabil at the Wall Street Journal. "Here is a really great reason to read your email," adds Robert Cohen at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. And in media startups, although there have been plenty of failures to "democratize" this business, the latest, Odyssey, has managed to raise $25 million and hit 30 million uniques ... although you probably won't like the reason why. "Relying on a giant pool of unpaid labor is a wonderful business model, the future of journalism is bright," freelancer Alex Cuadros sarcastically tweets. And speaking of sarcasm, a person who is not journalism professor Jeff Jarvis wrote a hilarious thing called Why I'm Joining the Innovation Party.

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