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"Lucifer in the Flesh-Fiorina 2016," quips National Journal's Rebecca Nelson, after reading a most low-key headlined post "John Boehner talks election, time in office" in which the former speaker tells the Stanford Daily that Ted Cruz is just that--"Lucifer in the flesh" (at 2,400+ shares right now). "It would seem retired John Boehner is more fun than Speaker Boehner. Now we know what he was thinking all along," points out NPR's Tamara Keith. "John Boehner would be a fantastic person to get irresponsibly drunk with," concludes Spencer Hall at SB Nation. "More like John Bro-ehner," muses The Atlantic's David A. Graham of Boehner's admission that "My proudest accomplishment is walking out of there the same jackass I was 25 yrs before." Although Heidi N. Moore also observes that Boehner "says he is 'texting buddies' with Donald Trump." And what about his perception of Kasich, you ask? "I think I'm the John Kasich of my friends," decides The Atlantic's Marina Koren.

Speaking of Kasich, it was he - not Cruz - who has been endorsed by nation’s largest Hispanic business group. "Cruz's 'divisive rhetoric' on #immigration cost him endorsement from a big Hispanic group," notes Ed O'Keefe with the Washington Post. Clinton was endorsed, as well, by the way. Undaunted, Cruz has already updated his campaign site to reflect yesterday's Hail Mary strategy, so cruise on over to for a gander. "So now it’s Why are women so often known by their first names and men by their last names? Alliteration?" wonders CNN's Jodi Enda. Elsewhere, Campbell Brown writes in Politico that she indeed blames TV for Trump. "I didn't know this. Pretty amazing fact. ... Campbell Brown savaging her previous profession," marvels Jay Rosen. And back in the actual White House, President Obama weighs his economic legacy. "Presidents make marginal contributions to the performance of the economy. They should be assessed on those terms," argues NYT's Binyamin Appelbaum.

Incredibly, and Oklahoma court has just ruled that oral sex is not rape if the victim is unconscious from drinking. "'I can't even' exists for stories like this," insists Dave Earley at Guardian Australia. Meanwhile, across the pond, Labour MPs called for Ken Livingstone to be suspended over his anti-Semitism comments, and here's how the Internet reacted to Ken Livingstone's most disastrous day. "There are just so many toilet puns out there," muses BuzzFeed UK's Francis Whittaker. Meanwhile, the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek tackles Yahoo's $8 billion black hole while the Wall Street Journal dissects Elon Musk's unusual financial moves. "Only Elon Musk: a deep dive into his risky financial shuffling between Tesla, SpaceX and SolarCity," explains WSJ's Scott Austin. And trending in tragedy, this New York Times reflection on a toddler, a loose gun in a car, and the death of a mother. "Mother fatally shot while driving. The shooter? Her toddler in the back seat. Tragically, not that unusual," NYT's Richard Pérez-Peña reminds us.

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