Final Friday wrap-ups

"HOLY CRAP Bloomberg found out who Tyler Durden is," realizes Business Insider UK's Jim Edwards, after learning that Bloomberg News has unmasked the men behind Zero Hedge, the lucrative Wall Street doomsday blog inspired by Fight Club (at 3,200+ shares so far). "Zero Hedge is three people. And one of them is very, very, pissed off," observes Luke Kawa  there. To be specific, the one talking, Colin Lokey, has outed his co-conspirators Daniel Ivandjiiski, the former analyst long suspected of being the Durden, and Tim Backshall, a "well-known credit derivatives strategist." Lokey tells Bloomberg he felt forced to become a "24-hour cheerleader for Hezbollah, Moscow, Tehran, Beijing, and Trump" at the publication, and that Zero Hedge "ceased to serve that public service years ago." "This is weird. But I like it," shrugs colleague Kit Chellel. "True story. Corresponded with this guy and since I'm a pop culture illiterate I thought he was named 'Tyler Durden,' admits staff writer Dan Murphy. But of course, there's a response from Zero Hedge, alleging that Bloomberg has simply "provided a platform to a deranged person who held a major grudge," just for the clicks. "Holy cow. This is so sad & I hope the guy gets help," reacts CNBC's Jane Wells, although Fortune's Mathew Ingram sees it this way: "Zero Hedge founders unload on the troubled past of the Bloomberg source. Unpleasant and probably unnecessary." And freelance journalist Tom Petruno concludes that the "Saddest thing about this story is that it so perfectly fits with ZeroHedge's apocalyptic vision."

And now back to our regularly scheduled political updates. Marco Rubio reportedly is warming up to Donald Trump, which is certainly very interesting (and extra kudos to the Tampa Bay Times for selecting that perfect accompanying photo. "I guess Rubio likes Trump better when he’s not getting completely humiliated by him every day," shrugs Huffington Post's Nick Wing. At the same time, Hillary Clinton invoked a rather unfortunate turn-of-phrase while telling CNN she feels comfortable dealing with men who've gone "off the reservation" like Donald Trump. Perhaps so comfortable she's starting to talk like them. "@HillaryClinton, The term 'off the reservation' is highly offensive. It derives from white fear of Native Americans," admonishes Simon Moya-Smith at Indian Country Today. Relatedly, Jenée Desmond-Harris writes for the New York Times on the upside to overt racism, if you can believe there is one. Desmond-Harris does, and argues that thanks to Trump, "nobody is pretending racism is at a frequency so high they can’t make it out." Elsewhere in politics, retired general James Mattis officially rules out an independent presidential bid. "Still available for Veep?" wonders Laura Rozen at Al-Monitor.

You should also be aware of reports of the first Zika Virus death in Puerto Rico. "Congress just went on recess without approving WH request for Zika funding. Today, we have our first US fatality," notes Brian Montopoli at MSNBC. We also want to alert you to the fact that cheese inventories have soared to their highest since 1984! "The U.S. is sitting on a mountain of cheese," Brooke Sutherland at Bloomberg puts it, which prompts Polly Mosendz to demand, "How do I get to this mountain." In tech, Snapchat scored an unprecedented deal with NBC to showcase the Olympics, and even bigger news: a weasel apparently shut down the world's most powerful particle collider. That's not a euphemism for someone's profession--an actual weasel did this. "On another note, there's now a weasel with super atomic powers who will call himself Weasel Manhattan," quips Chris Reed.

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