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Just a day after profiling Trump's wife Melania, journalist Julia Ioffe has been hit with a barrage of antisemitic abuse. One such abuse included a charming phone call from an anonymous caller who proceeded to play a Hitler speech. "I didn't know @juliaioffe was being bombarded with antisemitic garbage for this story. And for what? Fair story," points out Clara Jeffery at Mother Jones. Meanwhile, at Business Insider, here's what  employees just said about why people are leaving. "Clickbutt. 'Unless you were writing about Chris Pratt's jeans, you were seen as someone not carrying your weight,'" Richard Horgan at FishbowlNY quotes from the piece. "At 5-6 posts a day, can you even think about what you're writing?" wonders CJR's David Uberti. Although at the Financial TimesJohn Gapper argues, "This is interesting but tbh, I've never encountered a workplace that wasn't all, 'morale has never been lower'." Also, the National Republican Congressional Committee is blasting a '60 Minutes' story for its hidden cameras. "Notable quotable: 'Not since Watergate has the headquarters of a major political party committee been so violated,'" details Josh Kraushaar from the National Journal. "NRCC compares this to Watergate? HA! Just underscores their own disconnect over money in politics," scoffs Melissa Yeager at the Sunlight Foundation.

In happier media news, the Wall Street Journal's web site, notable for being paywalled from the very beginning, turns 20 years old today. Happy Birthday,! And here's something light from NPR to end on a fluffy note: some little scamp caused a full minute of public radio dead air on "Take Your Child to Work Day." South America correspondent Lulu Garcia-Navarro shares, "Fun @NPR conversation around the water cooler this morning: everyone pointing fingers at other peoples kid for this."

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