Above and out of the fray

"So much for a contested convention," surmises Bill Trotter with the Bangor Daily News after John Kasich exited the GOP race and Ted Cruz lost his way, ultimately leaving Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee. "Well, that's that, then," shrugs Sean Sullivan at the Washington Post, where they've observed, "After Ohio, Kasich did about as well as somebody trying to cross the Rockies in a sail-powered wagon," although NYT's Michael Tackett also points out, "Kasich may be out, but unlike others, probably won't regret how he ran." In other posthumous observations, FiveThirtyEight's Carl Bialik shares, "Adverbial burn: Cruz named Fiorina as running mate, 'briefly rousing a partly full Indianapolis pavilion.'" Cruz also appears to inadvertently be taking it out on wife Heidi. This latest news also inspired its share of cultural references, both biblical and pop. "There can be only one. And it's now Trump for sure," muses Aaron Kessler at Scripps News. "It is finished," ominously tweets Joshua Eaton. "Okay, now the GOP really has gone past the Donald Trump event horizon," concludes freelancer Rob Pegoraro.

So, what could we expect from a Trump presidency? Here's how the man himself says it would look. "Want a good scare?" invites Vogue's Alessandra T Codinha before sharing that link. "President Trump's first 100 days? Here's his description to me: Muslim ban, Mexico wall design, Fed audit underway," elaborates NYT's Patrick Healy. Or as colleague Jack Healy puts it, "Day 1: Win. Day 2: Win some more. Day 3: Keep winning." argues, "Honestly, Trump's actual 100-day plan doesn't look that different from this." In other "hows," here's yet another thinkpiece on how Trump won-and how the GOP let him as well as how spectacularly pundits failed to foresee a Trump outcome. "Lots of journos do not bother challenging power. Instead they focus on predicting elections (& still get it wrong)," notes The Intercept's Lee Fang.

So now it's time to admit that yes, it's early, but Donald Trump would have an uphill battle against Hillary Clinton. "Trump starts the general election at a disadvantage, with historically bad favorability ratings," details Nate Cohn. It's worth mentioning that Hillary already has an attack video calling a President Trump a "dangerous proposition," citing Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio's words in agreement. "The presumptive Democratic nominee is running a web ad featuring the 2012 GOP nominee," realizes TIME's Ryan Teague Beckwith.  "Clinton welcoming 'reasonable Republicans,' Trump reaching for 'disaffected Democrats'," alternatively notices BuzzFeed's Adrian Carrasquillo. Also, Trump says he's going to announce his VP pick sometime in July, and Ben Carson will be on the selection committee. "So in a couple hours, Kasich went from not on Trump's short list via @maggieNYT to on it," observes Politico's Shane Goldmacher.

But before we wrap this up, three items of non-political news we'd be remiss to miss: the wildfire that burned through neighborhoods in Fort McMurray, Canada; the Entertainment Tonight exclusive that Janet Jackson is pregnant with her first child just 2 weeks short of turning 50, and the recent revelation that Prince died a day before he was going to meet an addiction doctor. "A sad sequence of tragic events: #Prince died amid frantic plans for painkiller addiction treatment," shares Bloomberg's Keith Naughton.

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