Far from out of the woods

"Senate GOP: poke," The Daily Freeman's Ivan Lajara succinctly summarizes the news that conservative senators have launched an inquiry Into Facebook’s news curation (at 1,600+ shares already) after anonymous former FB workers claimed they were told to suppress conservative news from trending. Or, Robert Armstrong at the Financial Times puts it, "Today in oh for f**ks sake." Which we also considered making the headline for today's wrap-up. "Does Facebook get to invoke a 1st Amendment privilege to ignore an legislative inquiry about how it handles news?" asks LinkedIn's John Abell, to which John Scalzi thinks he has the answer: "Pretty sure Facebook has a 1st Amendment right to tell the Senate to f**k right off, here." No matter what, it's sure to be a royal mess. "Thune can look to wildly successful Benghazi and IRS hearings as model for Facebook witch hunt," suggests Bloomberg View's Francis Wilkinson. Adam Rothstein has his "fingers crossed for a public hearing, because transcripts of engineers 'splaining tech to senators is The Best" while Rob Garver with the Fiscal Times wonders "Next will NYT have to justify decisions about A1?" The possibilities are endless! Stay tuned for the takes?

Which brings us back to politics yet again. Hello, old friend. Hillary Clinton is making a name for herself as the first "E.T." candidate, clearly courting the U.F.O. fan vote and doing a masterful job, might we add. And by that we mean she's pledged to open up government files on extraterrestrials, barring any national security threats, of course. "I think she’s out to prove that Trump was born on a different planet and is therefore not eligible to run," theorizes Paul Gregutt at Wine Enthusiast Magazine. One thing that won't be opened up -- the Clinton campaign's procedure to release emails publicly. When questioned about it, Clinton aide Cheryl Mills responded by walking out of an FBI interview. "Note: 1. Cheryl Mills claiming attorney-client privilege with Hillary Clinton 2. 'Criminal probe'," points out National Journal's Ron Fournier. And bear with us while we share with you the latest, possibly inaccurate poll, which shows Clinton and Donald Trump tied in 3 swing-states. "Romney was down by 10 at this exact time 4 yrs ago. By November we have a winner folks. Dems scared to death," insists Wayne Allyn Root.

All of which only makes us speculate we've moved to opposite world, because it was just 2006 that Trump insisted Clinton be forgiven for her Iraq War vote because it was made "based on the lies given to her." Then fast forward to today, to a world where his campaign selects a white nationalist leader as one of its delegates in California. "I guess the Trump campaign's theory was 'Gotta dance with the one that brought ya'," spitballs Dan Pfeiffer. Meanwhile, Trump says he's narrowed his VP shortlist, and it includes 5 or 6 possibilities. So all we know for sure is Ben Carson is off the selection team and controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is overseeing it. "Trump is the Twitter candidate, but his mgmt style is more Snapchat, w/decisions disappearing almost immediately," observes Politico's Edward-Isaac Dovere. At least we know that Ted Cruz isn't anywhere near this, as rumor has it Cruz is weighing restarting his campaign if he wins Nebraska ... ?! "Ted Cruz weirdly floats the idea that he could revive his campaign," reacts Jim Roberts.

And while all that is going on, our current commander-in-chief is poised to become the first sitting president to visit Hiroshima. To which NPR's Gene Demby responds, "WILL HE EVER STOP APOLOGIZING FOR AMERICA???"

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