Insider resources that will make you better at PR

Insider resources that will make you better at PR

Ever feel like you don’t really get PR? Does the whole thing leave you feeling a little… dazed and confused? 

Even if you actually work in marketing, it’s easy to feel muddled. After all, there’s so much differing information around...

How do I analyze results? Which channels should our company use? What exactly is the PESO model? Has the press release had its day? How do I prove my ROI? What the heck is brand journalism?

The list goes on.

Last week, a generous client made an interesting point: “Tam, your PR is creating more interest in our products than all our other marketing efforts combined.”

Truly: a career highpoint. But in the same sentence, he said: “But we don’t really understand what it is you do.”

Cue: Me almost choking on my morning coffee.

And the slow dawning that, while they understand the benefit of PR and its potential ROI, a lot of my clients (all marketers) feel exactly the same way. And they can’t be alone…

Next followed a painful few minutes of me trying (and failing) to explain what I do into bite-sized chunks.

Going nowhere fast, we silently, yet mutually agreed to change topics. Because as we all know: PR isn’t the easiest thing to describe in small, easy-to-understand nuggets.

Have you seen this definition from the CIPR? Makes your head spin, doesn't it?

It’s a sad fact that PR suffers from one of the biggest identity crisis of them all.

Get 50 PR practitioners together, invite them to describe what they do, and (semantics aside) you’ll get 50 different answers. And that’s before we’ve even mentioned the fast-evolving technology landscape…

Or the seemingly endless ways people consume media nowadays. Or the evangelist digital innovators (versus the resolute PR dinosaurs).

But no need to worry, just yet. There are a few people absolutely killing it when it comes to making sense of the brave new world of PR. And I’ve carefully curated them—so you don’t have to.

Here are five illuminating blogs and resources that will open your eyes to PR today and set you on the path to success.

1. Ten Symbols That PR’s “Industrial Revolution” Is Underway

"Today’s upheaval in the PR industry is redefining our business in a similar way that the industrial revolution retooled manufacturing." Here, the peerless Lou Hoffman captures 10 symbols that remind us this definitely isn’t our father’s PR industry.

2. The PR Butterfly Effect: How One Article Resulted in $500,000

Need to justify using PR in your marketing budget? The bright sparks at Onboardly hit us up with some wise advice on finding your story, measuring your campaigns and demonstrating the power of PR. Authoritative. Candid. Indisputable.  

3. The Complete Guide to Public Relations Tools

A free stash of 140 of the best PR tools, along with motivation and advice from top PR professionals on how to roll out and adopt them. A clever way to put some lead in your PR pencil.

4. Public Relations Digital Resolution

Enlightening stuff that’ll change the way you think about PR forever. Everything you need to reinforce your future communications strategies is here, plus the measurement you’ve long been looking for (and a lot more on top). Your ultimate PR handbook.

5. How B2B PR (done the right way) benefits your SEO

If you’re still not sure why you need to integrate SEO in your PR, you must read this. It includes insightful research into how decision-makers in Mobile & Telecoms and Business Technology behave when researching and selecting new partners. Even if you’re not in the tech arena, you’ll learn so much from this.

6. Strategic Storytelling, a 20-page guide packed with practical tips and expert advice

How can you enhance the content you produce day in, day out? How can storytelling increase your sales and add to your bottom line? Ragan Communications puts pen to paper in this free 20-page guide.

What other resources would you recommend? We'd love to hear them!

Tam Henderson runs Gather Creative, a PR and copywriting agency in Cambridge, UK, that gets good stuff done.   

Photo: Public relations via Shutterstock

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