Featured journalist: Frances Locke

Frances Locke refuses to call herself a "wordsmith," but she does consider herself a writer, editor, and content specialist with experience in both online and print publishing. Previously a senior editor for Punkin House Press and weekend editor for Defy Media's Mommyish (one of TIME Magazine's 2012 top fifty websites), Locke has contributed to publications such as The Gloss, The Mary Sue, Dead Housekeeping, Whovian Hub, and The Frisky, among others. Her favorite fictional journalist is Murphy Brown ("Who else?") and when she's not at her computer, you'll find her "squinting at my iPhone." Check out her Muck Rack portfolio here for a sampling of her work, which ranges from the saucy ("I Bred With A Juggalo") to the serious ("AnonIB's Date Rape Problem"). "You could say that I'm kind of a big deal," she tells us. "You'd be lying, but you could say it."

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