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Our last question asked: Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald is in hot water for comparing the time it takes for veterans to receive medical treatment to what? Waiting in line at Disneyland.

Congrats to John Wall for being the very first to answer that question correctly (and adding "For the record, as a vet I wasn't offended"). Honorable mentions go out to these fantastic folks for also getting it right: David Daniel (who wonders "Did he really want to prompt people to call the VA 'Mickey Mouse'?"), Anita AboulafiaTom Burton (who guesses it would be "without the It's a Small World music"), Maureen MacGregor (who quips "You're going to DismalLand"), Editor Mark Allen (who shrugs "Could've been worse; could've said lines at Disney Hollywood Studios Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"), Craig PittmanMark Gibbs (who theorizes "McDonald getting fired should be quicker"), Eve ByronCindi Lash and Brian Gallagher (who adds "clearly Sec. McDonald is living in 'Fantasyland'").

As for today's question, here it is: According to the CDC, 80 percent of what in 5 U.S. states failed health inspections?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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