Featured journalist: Roz Warren

Essayist Roz Warren's work is a true delight to read. Warren has authored such brilliantly titled works as OUR BODIES, OUR SHELVES; A COLLECTION OF LIBRARY HUMOR and edited the ground-breaking Womens’ Glib humor collections, including titles like WHEN CATS TALK BACK and MEN ARE FROM DETROIT, WOMEN ARE FROM PARIS. Warren also writes for the Funny Times, the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Christian Science Monitor, the Jewish Forward, the Chestnut Hill Local, Reader’s Digest and the Huffington Post. You may have also seen her on the Today Show or heard her on Morning Edition. Check out some of her other work here in her Muck Rack portfolio, starting with her NY Times piece "My Night With Leonard Cohen" (at 3,000+ shares). Although it's worth noting the work she's most proud of was a different Times essay about her 16-year-old Bichon's emergency surgery, because "to this day I get thank you letters from dog owners about it."

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