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Our last question asked: Proving fact truly is stranger than fiction, The Guardian just published a deep dive into the daily lifestyles of men who "live as" what? Dogs. Men who live as dogs. And not the way this accompanying gif implies, although we wish that was it!

Congrats to Maureen MacGregor for being the very first to get that right (and for "resisting the sarc of 'don't they all' comment")! Honorable mentions go out to these fantastic folks for also answering correctly: Paul Boyd (who wonders "did I actually just typed that or am I living in bizarro world?"), Mark Gibbs (who remarks "I thought that we all had a dog's life?"), Craig Pittman (who quips "Sounds ruff"), Claudine Laforce (who notes "it's a dog eat dog world out there!"), Laura Alix (whom we love for her excited response "Puppies! It's puppies, isn't it?"), Martin BerlinerKelsey Weekman (who admits "i love and fear this story"), Mia DandDagmar Ebaugh (who adds an emphatic "EWWWWw"), Miriam van OmmerenChris Lombardi (who would like to "apologize to all dogs"), Carrie Gray (who confesses "I don't wanna play anymore, this is getting just too weird") and Michele Hackshall (who reminds everyone to be "impartial and accepting").

As for today's question, here it is: The U.S. is still using what to run its nuclear program?

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