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Our last question asked: Yesterday the Internet was terrorized by a viral video of a giant what skulking around a golf course? That would be a massive alligator that we're pretty sure is actually a dinosaur. That's just a big ol' can of NOPE, if you ask us.

Congrats to John Wall for being the very first to answer that correctly (and for cleverly positing that it "presumably escaped from a Lacoste golf shop")! Honorable mentions go out to Charlotte LoBuono (who adds "FORE!"), Wes WolfeKimMic (who jokes "I'm calling that stroll 'gator gait'"), Mark Gibbs (who predicts "Must have been a Trump golf course"), M Edward/Ed BoraskyCraig Pittman (who wonders "what would the news do without #Florida?"), Katie North who calls it a "small reptilian sedan"), Martin Berliner (who notes "Deadspin breaks all the hot stories"), and Ron Casalotti (who foresees "24 belts, 17 wallets, two attache cases and three pair of mid-calf boots to come." Awww). Shout out to Jeninder Kaur Gill, who guessed "kangaroo" ... perhaps related to this incident?

As for today's question, here it is: Speaking of wild animal run-ins, a new video purports to show Arnold Schwarzenegger being charged by what creature? (This should make for some good, symbolic puns, we do believe!)

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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