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Jun 01, 2016

"New: Trump's press conference involved a posturing, volatile silverback. And also the Cincinnati gorilla," tweets NYT's TV critic James Poniewozik, sharing his brilliantly headlined  "Trump, 800-Pound Media Gorilla, Pounds His Chest at Reporters" (currently at 3,700+ shares). And because he's really on a roll, Poniewozik later tweets, "At Manhattan skyscraper, angry primate rampages, clutches press corps in his fist." Partially quoting from the piece, Dean Murphy reacts, "In 2016 this is what we do: We ask the reality TV star who may become president how tough he would be on zoo animals." Because, obviously. "Whatever reporter asked Trump about the Cincinnati gorilla at a news conference should be ashamed of themselves," Room for Debate's Nick Fox takes it a bit further. By contrast, however, Poniewozik's post is worth your time, if only for the amazing last few paragraphs. Do give it a click!

Today's developing story was of course the UCLA campus on lockdown after two were men killed, according to the LAPD. "UCLA shooting an apparent murder-suicide, according to police. Lockdown is lifted," Wall Street Journal's Melissa Korn passes along. Thinkpieces to come, we think. Meanwhile, Forbes just changed its evaluation of Theranos founder's net worth, and it isn't pretty. "This morning, Forbes is reducing our estimate of Elizabeth Holmes' net worth to nothing. Here is our reasoning," reports Matthew Herper there. "I'm worth more than the CEO of Theranos, as per Forbes. That's fun," muses The Real Deal's Hiten Samtani. Also, the Washington Post updates us that the officer who killed a Florida church drummer waiting for a tow truck has indeed been charged with manslaughter and attempted murder. "This exchange, ending w/ a plainclothes officer killing a man, is shocking," reacts WaPo's Sarah Kaplan.

In politics, #TIL Donald Trump is considering to squeezing in a pre-convention Israel visit and also he doesn't know what Brexit is -- really, really. On the other hand, of course, Sean Hannity defended the mogul's handling of donations to veterans groups -- although Hannity conveniently failed to mention his personal ties to one of them. Meanwhile, former Trump University workers are calling the school a "lie" and a "scheme" in their testimonies. "Trump University sounds like a creepy mix of Amway & Glengarry Glen Ross," decides Andrea Pitzer. "This might be a way bigger deal than what Trump was doing with the veterans' charity money," argues Matt Pearce at the LA Times. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan "revealed" to People Magazine the "hardest question." And it's not what you think -- know why? "Paul Ryan did a father's day interview w People mag, w one condition being that they not ask about Trump," CNN's Maggie Haberman points out. And checking on the Dems, a poll finds that Hillary Clinton holds a 2-point lead ahead of the California primary. "Poll shows how independents fuel Sanders's challenge in California," WSJ's Tim Hanrahan breaks it down for us.

And today's weird Washington story: a cranky warning left on a nanny’s car leads to stolen license plates and a top Pentagon official in serious hot water.

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