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"When you’re 21 and this is your second campus shooting," tweets Fusion's Jorge Rivas, reporting the story of the UCLA student who just lived through another school shooting (at only 400+ shares for now, but that's sure to grow). "In less than four years," adds freelancer Caroline Moss. It's true: Jeremy Peschard UC, Santa Barbara for his freshman year before transferring to UCLA. "Is this the new normal on college campuses?" Bloomberg's Lisa Wolfson asks the question everyone is thinking. Meanwhile, the updates keep rolling in on yesterday's shooting, as we learn the UCLA gunman was identified as a former Ph.D. student. "Indian UCLA PhD grad guns down professor for 'stealing computer code'; kills himself. Woman on 'kill list' dead too," BBC's Mahfuz Sadique. The Hill's Julian Hattem weighs in, "this UCLA story is terrifying and tragic." And your clickbait quote of the day comes from technology writer Peter Cohen: "Be careful who you endorse on LinkedIn, or you may end up seeing your name in the news."

In other breaking news, a medical examiner says Prince died of an opioid overdose or an accidental overdose of painkillers, ending weeks of speculation. "#Prince's death blamed on synthentic #opiate #fentanyl, a #painkiller more than 50 times more powerful than #heroin," details Martin Kuz at the San Antonio Express-News.  "Prevent drug deaths w evidence-based prevention & treatment, not blame, punishment, fear, and shame," advises David Sheff. You may have also received alerts that a Navy Blue Angels jet crash in Smyrna, Tennessee has left one dead and a Thunderbirds fighter jet crash in Colorado Springs left another miraculously unhurt. "Oh my. A Blue Angels and a Thunderbirds jet crash on same day in different towns," points out Sandra Chereb at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. And while we hate to bring this to your attention, apparently this Google Chrome Extension dubbed the "Coincidence Detector" is being used by white supremacists to track Jews. "I hope people care about this," insists Matt Pearce at the LA Times, while Digg's David Weiner makes light of it by joking, "This is what I use to reconnect with my old camp friends."

And in media, this appears to be all anyone is talking about: Tribune Publishing is rebranding and that apparently requires changing their name to tronc. Yes, tronc. Say it one more time, so it sinks in. Tronc! "This Trib rebrand has a very Internet 1.0 feel to it," concludes Kevin Allison at Reuters. "I just went through and faved every tweet in my timeline that included the word 'Tronc.' They are all incredible," admits The Verge's Casey Newton. We advise you do the same.

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