This final, fine Super Tuesday

Jun 07, 2016

"DUDE. SPOILERS," protests Washington Post's David Weigel, as the world's oldest news outlet went on to (controversially, we might add) declare Hillary Clinton as having the delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination (at 6,500+ shares right now). "With @AP count, @HillaryClinton becomes first woman candidate for president on a major party ticket. Historic," concludes the AP's Amir Bibawy. "Look, S3 of #TheFlash might undo this, but until then, sorry, BernieBros," argues freelance TV blogger Ryan McGee, but not everyone was down with this call by the Associated Press. "This is NOT ACCURATE," insists Jordan Chariton at The Young Turks. "Why don't any of these reports name the superdelegates who apparently chose to declare on the eve of the CA primary?" demands Vice's Michael Tracey. "Perfect End to Democratic Primary: Anonymous Super-Delegates Declare Winner Through Media," The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald gripes via headline. "Not the *best* look for democracy, one must admit," points out freelancer Evan Hill, although Kelly J O'Brien at seemed unmoved by Greenwald's argument: "'Consecrated by a media organization' is the new way to say 'reported' I guess." All the same, several other journalists agreed it's debatable whether superdelegates are enough for us to be trotting out the word "clinch" already. "No, Hillary Clinton isn’t going to ‘clinch the nomination’ tomorrow. Here’s why," comes the case from Poynter's Bill Mitchell

Still, Nick Timiraos at the Wall Street Journal made an interesting observation: "The irony of course is that if superdelegates were not a thing, Clinton would secure the nomination outright tonight." Touché, although the AP felt enough heat to publish a defense of its decision. "Doesn't matter what news orgs reported, if you are eligible to vote in today's primary, go vote!" urges Sarah Weinman with Publishers Lunch.

That's not the only bad optics Clinton is facing, either: how about that $12,495 Armani jacket she wore during a speech about inequality? "Move over Marie Antoinette. #CrookedHillary pushes her Income Inequality narrative bedecked in splendor," muses The Daily Caller's Bill Frezza.

But Priorities USA is already focused on the general, releasing an attack ad that uses video of Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter. "Welcome to the general election. Clinton super PAC launches ad that goes right for @realDonaldTrump's jugular," explains Mic's Emily Cahn. Simultaneously, WaPo's Karen Tumulty pontificates on the meaning of Hillary, and her long, hard climb to the top of the ticket. "@HillaryClinton has doggedly made history. @ktumulty on her historic arc-not elegant, but still got her there," elaborates Post colleague Juliet Eilperin. Meanwhile, on the GOP side, Donald Trump busies himself ordering surrogates to intensify their criticism of that federal judge and journalists and Republican senator Lindsey Graham calls Trump's attacks on judges "the most un-American thing from a politician since Joe McCarthy.” Also, a Florida attorney general reportedly asked Trump for a donation before declining to join the Trump U fraud case. "Trump U. continues to claw its way into the presidential campaign in an ugly way," notices Matt Pearce at the LA Times.

Your "aw" moment of the day: the last known surviving 9/11 search and rescue dog was just laid to rest. "Rest easy, Bretagne," tweets CNN's Brian Ries.

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