Jun 09, 2016

"BREAKING (but not surprising)," Joe Garofoli with SFGate reacts to President Barack Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president (at 11,000+ shares and climbing). "And that's game," Chris E. Hayner at Zap2it.com. "Welp, @BarackObama's with her. Watch him endorse Sanders' platform before asking his supporters to fall in line," predicts Travis Reilly. Tellingly, Obama doesn't mention Donald Trump at any point during the video, but he lists values that "make America great" that will be "tested" in this election. "In endorsing Hillary, Obama suggests America is great already," points out Wall Street Journal's Neil King. The sitting president also praises Clinton's "courage" and "character," saying that "as somebody who had to debate her more than 20 times." NYT's Matt Chaban confesses, "I'll admit it: I cried a little watching out first black president endorse maybe our first female president." Key takeaway quote from Obama's endorsement: "I don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office."

Clinton, obviously, welcomed the endorsement with open arms, saying "it just means so much."

So what about Bernie? Likely seeking to exit on his own terms, the senator from Vermont went to Washington this morning and was greeted at the White House by Obama. "Per @agearan, O told Sanders he would endorse on Sunday. Sanders camp asked WH to wait until after today's meeting," reports Washington Post's Abby Phillip. Sanders also indicated he had a long list of issues he plans to pursue at the convention ... perhaps in this election he's the catfish nipping at Hillary's salmon?

Turning our attention to the other half of this race, Trump has his own endorsement -- from KKK's David Duke, who is defending Trump and shares some theories of his own about the source of the nominee's ongoing bad press. We probably don't need to tell you where that's going, but you're welcome to have a click and find out for yourself. But has Trump inadvertently exposed the hypocrisy of "objective" journalism? "Trump has journos rethinking objectivity. Joe McCarthy did that too," points out Christopher Zara. Meanwhile, NYT's Nate Cohn observes that there are more white voters in American than people (apparently) think, and that’s good news for Trump. "It's a narrow path, but if Trump can get enough white voters, he could win," realizes Michael Tackett with the NY Times.

Incidentally, if you caught that (actually) breaking news of Maria Sharapova's suspension yesterday, it provided a priceless opportunity for Chris Christie to weigh in on the attractiveness of women tennis players, which we'll all agree was needed.

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