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Our last question asked: According to The Guardian, a recent crime wave in New Zealand appears to be fueled by what? That would be an avocado shortage.

Congratulations to Lucia A. Walinchus at Professional News Services for being the very first to answer that correctly (and for adding "Actually not such a bizarre thing; when I covered crime in Southern CA Avocado theft was a big biz")! Honorable mentions go out to Bill Chuck (who suggests "they are forced to make guacamole with kiwis"), Samantha Kruse (who admits "can't wait to visit NZ and see what all the avocado fuss is about. #guacward"), Mark EdwardsCindi Lash (who quips "Holy guacamole!"), Juliette Rousselot (who notes "Which I can understand more than Euro Cup-related crime waves"), Laura Kath (who observes "We have plenty here in CA--Don't worry!"), Mark Gibbs (who jokes "Avocado rustling! Black market guacamole. Pssst! Buddy! I've got Haas"), Buck Borasky (who quips "such a pit-y"), Robin Epley (who begs "Pls say it's robber kiwi birds hiding stolen goods in their egg pouches? Ex. A"), KimMic (who suggests the theft "could be masking some deeper issues!"), Ron Casalotti (who remarks "Native to south central Mexico, I think I have a new business model for El Chapo"). 

As for today's question, here it is: What's so remarkable about Caity Weaver's lede for her GQ interview of Kim Kardashian West?

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