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Our last question asked: Now we know it's the end of days, because Burger King just jumped into the snack-brand hybrid game by introducing what monstrosity? Mac n' Cheetos, which is macaroni and cheese that's been fried and sprinkled in Cheeto powder, because "Burger King obviously doesn't give a crap about any gains you're making at the gym."

Congrats to Mark Gibbs for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to Charlotte LoBuonoLaura Alix who calls it "That postmodern interpretation of cheese," Jade WalkerMartin Berliner (who suggest it come with "a coupon to Roto-Rooter your clogged arteries"), Raisa BrunerFabiola Camacho (who theorizes this came about because "somebody was literally watching the one #friends episode where Joey gets his own show #MacnCheese"), Meredith D'Agostino (whose answer was actually "Something large involving Cheetos. I couldn't read past that due to skyrocketing cholesterol"), Leila Palizi (who wonders "Am I the only one who's excited about this?" ... seems like it, Leila!), Ximena Mosqueda (who insists "don't lie, you know you want to at least try one") and Ellen Murphy for all answering perfectly correctly, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: After more than 70 years, an internal investigation by the Marine Corps just concluded it has been wrongly identifying what?

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