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"If you think OITNB is exaggerated, read this heartbreaking, enraging undercover Mother Jones piece by @shane_bauer," urges The New Yorker's Emily Nussbaum, sharing Shane Bauer's Mother Jones investigation for four months as a private prison guard (today's blockbuster story at 3,200+ shares and mounting). "We know little about life in corporate-run prisons. I took a job as a guard to get inside. Then things got crazy," Bauer tweets. One of many harrowing details: During the first two months of 2015, at least 12 people are shanked, which the company is required to report to the DOC, but records showed less than half of those were. "Did you know that private prisons get to rule on what is or is not a crime on the inside?" pointedly asks MoJo editor-in-chief Clara Jeffery. "Joining the chorus here, but: wow," reacts freelance journalist Siddhartha Mitter. Meanwhile, political analyst Sean McElwee's reactions grew more and more drastic, culminating in this ultimate response: "holy shit. holy shit. holy shit. holy shit. what. the f**k. holy shit. holy shit." Here's what prompted that conclusion.

It was a busy day at the Supreme Court, where they upheld the affirmative action program at University of Texas but deadlocked on Obama's immigration plan, leaving it blocked. "Having an 8-person supreme court has been helping progressive policies lately. Except this," concludes Elizabeth Sile at Departures Magazine. Only a handful of cases are left in this court term, so here are the Supreme Court cases to watch. Elsewhere in judicial news, an LA jury decided Led Zeppelin didn't steal his "Stairway" riff while a Baltimore judge found the driver accused of giving a "rough ride" that killed Freddie Gray not guilty on all charges. "Because there wasn't enough happening in the news this week already," observes Ian Froeb at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Which brings us to this breaking bulletin from Germany: a mass shooting at a cinema has left at least 25 wounded. More on that to come, we're certain.

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