Tuesday in news

A planned pro-EU protest at Trafalgar Square spread to Abingdon Green today outside the Houses of Parliament, giving birth to such memorable moments where Remain protesters started singing "Hey EU" to the tune of "Hey Jude" and "racists out, immigrants in," intermixed with chants of "We ARE European" and "EU, we love you." This display of support came at the same time as three people arrested after showing anti-immigrant behavior and "racial abuse" on a streetcar in Manchester. "The upsetting thing about this is it could've been filmed anywhere in the UK, any year. This is bigger than Brexit," argues The Guardian's Mona Chalabi. "12 year-olds drinking stella are never the best representatives of a nation, but this is still so worrying to see," concludes Benjamin Zand. Meanwhile, in the U.S., Bernie Sanders penned an Op-Ed in the New York Times warning Democrats that Brexit means they "need to wake up."

And now that we're squarely on the subject of American politics, the House of Representatives' Benghazi panel found no new evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton, in which the final report admonished U.S. agencies for not being more prepared but stopped short of concluding much else. "Bang vs whimper? 800-pager ends one of longest, costliest, most partisan congressional investigation in history," points out Washington Post's William Booth. Elsewhere in investigations, the WashPost continues its dogged inquiry into Trump's promised millions to charity: "We found less than $10,000 over 7 years," the Post claims. "Hard to write checks with such tiny hands?" snarks freelancer Martin Beck. Never fear, however, because David Weigel had a ready defense, in the tone of Trump: "Third-rate reporter @Fahrenthold — a real lightweight — has very dishonest story about Trump! Nasty guy." Simultaneously, Margaret Sullivan -- now at WaPo herself -- lambasts CNN's hiring of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski as an insult to the press - and women while Crain's New York would like you to know that Trump is the only New York City billionaire to receive a middle-class tax break. Oh-so-relevant: here’s the full transcript of Trump’s speech on trade and American jobs.

In tragedy, two explosions rocked Istanbul Airport, killing at least 36 and injuring 147, while a shooting in Denver, Colorado left one woman in critical condition and the gunman dead.

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