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"Of course the Brexiters didn’t plan. Arsonists never carry water," quips The Guardian's Rafael Behr, sharing his piece in which he charmingly argues that chief Brexit campaigner "Boris Johnson’s career is founded on a Paddington [Bear] myth – the creature of kindly intent whose bumbling charm excuses chaotic misadventure. But there is nothing cuddly about voracity for power, allergy to responsibility and infidelity to any cause besides personal advancement" (at 6,200+ shares right now). "Johnson as Paddington Bear: Raphael Behr superb on lack of a plan for where we are now. Surely we deserved better?" wonders James Mates at ITV News. "We'd be in better hands with Paddington: beautifully written outpouring of righteous fury from @rafaelbehr," reacts colleague Heather Stewart. Behr muses, "A couple of weeks ago I led with Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy, this week Paddington. I'll be on Pob by August."

Meanwhile, Lithuanian surgeon and politician Vytenis Andriukaitis, whose facepalm reaction to Ukip leader Nigel Farage's Brussels speech went viral this week, has an explanation "For those interested what I really thought while hiding my despair yesterday." In American politics, Trump's campaign was rumored to be lining up Mike Tyson and Mike Ditka for the Convention, and then it turns out not. Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski lost his $1.2 million book deal "amid concerns about Lewandowski's non-disclosure agreement" and the GOP convention continues to be haunted by questions: "Who will show up? Who will pay?" These are the many unknowns of the GOP convention.

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