Your Tuesday news day roundup

"It's official ... goodbye primary," summarizes MSNBC's Erin Cauchi, as senator Bernie Sanders officially made his endorsement of Hillary Clinton today. "Sanders' remarks hold almost nothing back in his endorsement of Clinton, plus many attacks on Trump," decides freelance journalist Evan Hill, but VICE's Michael Tracey notes, "Foreign policy is 100% absent from Bernie's remarks endorsing Hillary today. Literally no mention of it at all." Equally relatedly, Washington Post's David Weigel points out, "Here’s the money part of Sanders’s speech."

Meanwhile, we hear tell that retired admiral James Stavridis is being vetted as Hillary running mate. "Well, that was a nice late lunch, let's just catch up on the news of the da--SLAMS INTO BRICK WALL," reacts Daniel Drezner on WaPo's Spoiler Alerts beat. At the same time, Fox News suspending ties with Trump veep possibility Newt Gingrich. "Source w/knowledge of Fox deliberations says Gingrich is likely to remain off the Fox payroll whether he's VP or not," elaborates CNN's Brian Stelter, who offered that scoop. And speaking of Fox News, former anchor Gretchen Carlson is speaking out publicly for the first time about sexual harassment lawsuit, and that scoop went to the New York Times. "V striking how different Carlson looks in these pictures. Shows the domineering way Ailes styles his anchors," concludes Fusion's Jack Mirkinson, whereas POLITICO's Kelsey Sutton counters, "can someone explain to me why Gretchen Carlson’s outfit is relevant to this story." On the other hand, that story's reporter John Koblin emphasizes "Fox also says that Gretchen Carlson never filed a formal complaint to Fox's HR or legal department."

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