When news isn't good news

"Coup d'etat attempt in Turkey to finish just another regular week of a totally regular summer," tweets Bloomberg's J.P. Spinetto before adding the hashtag #not, and his was not the only response of that kind. Robin Garr at WineLoversPage.com felt similarly: "Well, this is sure an 'interesting' week. Can we make it stop?" NYT's Tom Jolly sarcastically declares, "Because nothing else is going on." But former Al Jazeera journalist Amina Waheed may as well have spoken for everyone in reacting, "!!! what... ?" 

Blocking bridges crossing the Bosphorus in Istanbul as jets flew low in Ankara, Turkey's military grappled to take control of the country Friday night. Martial law was declared, however President Recep Tayyp Erdoğan -- his whereabouts unknown -- still reportedly is in power. "A 'peace council' says it now runs Turkey. Tayyep Erdogan still has a mobile phone," details Mark MacKinnon. "Using iPhone FaceTime app, #Turkey President Erdoğan broadcasts messages beseeching public to resist coup attempt," reports Hailey Branson-Potts at the LA Times."Erdogan ending?" wonders Roger Cohen at the New York Times, while his colleague Steven Greenhouse asks, "Question: Is coup seeking to make Turkey more democratic in light of Erdogan's increasing authoritarianism? Or less?" President Erdoğan insists, "We will overcome this" as the U.S. offers support -- but regardless of the outcome, this coup attempt could destabilize the region, according to experts interviewed by The Guardian.

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