The Convention begins

"Whole campaign basically a war on parody industry," declares Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall, and he could have been referring to any of the news that came out of the first day of the Republican National Convention -- although in this case, it was the reveal that Omarosa was named Trump’s director of African-American outreach. But why stop there? The Never Trump delegates made their last stand, driving the RNC secretary to literally hide from the anti-Trump faction, seemingly to avoid being presented the petitions for a counter rules proposal. "Foes of Part-Time #Florida Man Say They Have Signatures To Force Floor Vote," quips Craig Pittman at the Tampa Bay Times, adding a gif to offer his reaction. "Chaos" is how several news outlets referred to the situation, with the floor "erupting" after Team #NeverTrump failed and the two sides "reduced to shouting at each other on national television" after leadership prevented the roll call vote on the convention rules, thereby binding delegates to each one's primary or caucus results and guaranteeing Trump the nomination. "Lordy, did the #RNCinCLE go off the rails already?!" incredulously asks Slashdot's Nick Kolakowski, while freelance journalist Niala Boodhoo describes it "Like this season of House of Cards but for real 

But we already knew the convention was off to a great start when Trump promptly denounced Ohio's own governor and former nominee rival John Kasich the moment he landed in the Buckeye state. Michael Tackett calls it "Stomping a muddy boot on Ohio's welcome mat." Trump's campaign made another bold move, too, today: contradicting most Republican policy leaders' stance on Ukraine by ensuring the Republican platform won't include offering weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian and rebel forces. "Trump '16 chair Paul Manafort lobbied for Russia-backed former Ukraine prez. Now the campaign does Russia a solid," explains Washington Post's James Downie. And then there was the fact that the RNC had to close their online chat after anti-Semites turned it into a Jew-bashing hatefest. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton's role in the Benghazi attack was front and center during this first day of the GOP convention, with the mother of one Benghazi victim declaring “I blame Hillary” during her speech and called Clinton a murderer, causing the crowd to explode into cheers. Check out CNN's live updates to stay completely up to speed!

In other stunning news, the Murdochs seem poised to take down Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. "Always thought two guys immune to being fired were #RogerAiles & #MikeScioscia. But looks like might be wrong," realizes Patrick Goldstein formerly with the LA Times. "I have nothing nice to say," admits journalist Kim Masters. Also, "It's the details that convey just how weird and messed up Fox News, the institution, is," points out freelancer John McQuaid. "Okay, that makes a lot of sen-- WHAT?" reacts Twitter icon southpaw. So it appears that the Murdochs were somehow swayed by all the Ailes stories -- although here's why many former staffers are afraid to speak. This weekend was an especially tough one, too, after 3 Baton Rouge police were ambushed and killed in a shooting, Turkey's president announced he won't rule out the death penalty for those involved in Friday's failed coup, and in Germany a teenage Afghan refugee injured four people on a train while wielding an axe before police shot him dead. Rachel Zarrell at MTV News concludes, "the whole world needs a vacation."

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